Schumacher Mi5evo TC kit

A prmeira evolução do Mi5 da Scgumacher chega mais leve e mais fácil de ajustar, tanto no carpete quanto no asfalto, veja as alterações e mais imagens do novo carro a seguir.

– New Motor Mount moves motor in 4.50mm for more centralised weight distribution and better balance.
– New light weight single piece, centrally mounted, alloy & carbon fibre CNC servo and steering mount, for maximum stiffness in the steering system, and minimal impact on chassis flex.
– New Ultra lightweight alloy transmission housing with ball stud mounting for low centre of gravity, ease of adjustment and narrow pitch mounting for less overhang.
– New Light weight wishbone ends with moulded roll bar ball, 35% lighter.
– New Shorter Shocks with no loss of stroke for ultra-low centre of gravity.
– New Simple 3 point mounted ball raced steering rack for super smooth linear steering. Features forward facing balls for easy Ackerman adjustment and adjustable travel stops.
– New vertically mounted, wide span top deck offers increased stiffness whilst keeping super linear flex characteristics.
– New 1mm wider Alloy rear hex.
– New Hubs with grub screw secured pins, no more e-clips.
– New Ultra fine adjustment eccentrics for optimum belt tension.
– New Stiff 4mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
– New Lightweight 2.50mm hinge pins
– New ultra hard wearing black ball cup design with adjustment hole.
– New Lighter CNC alloy 20 tooth layshaft pulley and end cap for less rotating mass.
– New Vernier adjusted wishbone inserts to remove play and o-ring secured for easy replacement.
– New Body post and alloy clamp design for increased durability and ultra fine adjustability.
– New anti roll bars in 0.1mm increments with laser engraving.
– New Ball mounted 2 piece shock cap for easier building, maintenance, vented option and lighter weight.
– New Ultra smooth PTFE impregnated Hard Anodised threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability.
– New wide span carbon fibre wishbones for improved stiffness & strength.
– Adjustable front steering hubs with optional carbon fibre parts.
– “O” ring retained alloy wheel hexes.
– “Micro 4 degree caster pivot gives super low centre of gravity and  super smooth ball raced steering action with optional 6 degree available.
– “Top adjustable lightweight roll bar sockets and links.
– “Quick release front and rear entry diffs to leave chassis structure intact when removing diffs for maintenance.
– “Ultra lightweight front spool.