terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

Schumacher Mi1v2 Touring Car

A Schumacher atualizou o seu modelo de entrada, o Mi1, e o deixa no topo da lista de modelos ideais para quem quer começar. Com qualidade superior a modelos mais conhecido no mercado o Mi1V2 dá um banho nos Sakuras e Tamiyas de valor equivalente. Veja os features:

- Twin Track, ballraced, limited slip ball differentials with Tungsten Carbide balls
- Tough S1 composite chassis, top deck and shock towers
- Rear in-board toe-in options for excellent traction on slippery surfaces
- Front in-board toe-out options for more front end bite on slippery surfaces
- Simple Alloy shock absorbers
- Includes front differential for ease of use and transmission reliability
- Fully Adjustable Camber, Caster, Roll Center and toe in/out
- Dual belt transmission – efficient, fast and great run times
- Large differential and layshaft pulleys minimize belt loading without the belt jumping and maximizes belt efficiency
- Purple alloy motor mount – Strength and motor heat dissipation
- 24 piece ball bearing set, ultra low rolling resistance, includes ballraced steering
- Front and rear anti-roll bars included
- Lightweight foam bumper
- Optimum weight distribution with stick pack lipo layout
- Ultra narrow chassis design to minimize grounding on roll