quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

Schumacher MI5

Bem legal o novo MI5, segue a linah da Corally de fazer carros diferentes dos X-Rays da vida. O deck superior é ao melhor estilo Kawada SV-10. mais detalhes na página do fabricante: http://www.racing-cars.com/pp/Car_Showroom/Mi5.html#


  • New vertically mounted, ultra long top deck offers super linear flex characteristics.
  • New lightweight carbon fibre wishbones for optimum stiffness.
  • New simple pivot ball system for wishbone mounting and easy roll centre adjustment.
  • New single piece motor/layshaft mount, centrally mounted to the chassis for perfect flex control.
  • New simple 3 point mounted ball raced steering rack for super smooth linear steering.
  • New single piece, centrally mounted, alloy/cf CNC servo and steering mount, for maximum stiffness in the steering system, and minimal impact on chassis flex.
  • New micro 4 deg caster pivot gives super low CofG and  super smooth ball raced steering action with optional 6° available.
    New below arm shock mounting gives a low CofG shock whilst keeping the same shock travel.
  • New chassis mounted droop screws for decreased unsprung weight.
  • New Schumacher lightweight gear diff.
  • New ultra lightweight front spool.
  • New shape lightweight foam bumper and chassis mounted mouldings.
  • New anti roll bars in 0.1mm increments.
  • New optional servo saver.
  • New LiPo retention mouldings.
  • New ball joint design for 2.0mm hex drivers.
  • New ball cup design with adjustment hole.
  • New 2 piece shock cap, for easier shock build.
  • New precision matched shock springs.
  • Optional Mid Motor conversion available, for extra high agility handling.
  • Aerospace carbon fibre 2.5mm soft weave chassis and components throughout.
  • Extreme lightweight alloy transmission housings.
  • CNC alloy, 20 tooth layshaft pulley.
  • Single sided layshaft mounting with quick release layshaft design for ease of maintenance.
  • Stiff 3mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
  • Carbon fibre upper link design with options to adjust roll centres.
  • Anti-roll bar mounts with precise vernier adjustment to minimise play.
  • “O” ring retained alloy wheel hexes.
  • Fully adjustable, suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, ackerman, droop, anti-dive, anti-squat, front toe in/out, ride height and much more.
  • Efficient transmission with twin bando belts and precision CNC pulleys.
  • Alloy eccentric adjusters for optimum belt tension.
  • Quick release front and rear entry diffs to leave chassis structure intact when removing diffs for maintenance.
  • Ultra smooth nickel-teflon plated threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability.
  • Dedicated front & rear, reverse cup, high tensile steel, CVD driveshafts.
  • Differential and spool plastic insert “sliders”. Offer a lightweight, efficient driveshaft interface.
  • Speed secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.
  • Adjustable front steering hubs with optional carbon fibre parts.
  • Adjustable rear hub carriers with optional carbon fibre parts.
  • Black alloy M3 nuts.
  • Lightweight black alloy washers throughout.
  • Alloy front kingpins.
  • Front to rear, 3 position, cell LiPo adjustment for fine tuning weight distribution.
  • Quick release alloy layshaft fence for quick release diff and belt removal.
  • Top adjustable lightweight roll bar sockets and links.