sábado, 3 de novembro de 2012

RC10R5.1 Factory Team Kit

Esta é a nova versão do RC10R5 e traz como principais noviades os aperfeiçoamentos implementados no RC12R5.2. As mudaças são mais visíveis na parte traseira do carro, e na maneira que o chassi está 100% adaptado para baterias 1S.

O amortecedor central também foi mudado e o POD do motor está mais adaptado para motores Brushless. Clique na imagem para vê-la em alta resolução.

Veja o release em inglês:

 The RC10R5.1 Factory Team Kit takes the next evolutionary step into the growing 1:10 scale World GT on-road racing class. With 35 years of 1:12 and 1:10 scale on-road racing experience, Team Associated's 10R5.1 comes from a long line of high-performance pan car chassis' with a race-winning pedigree.

Taking the design cues and revisions from the highly successful RC12R5.2 platform, the 10R5.1 has incorporated these improvements, pushing chassis performance to the next level. Sharing what is arguably the best pan car front end design to date, the I.F.M.A.R. World Championship-winning Dynamic Strut front end features symmetrical components with adjustable caster and track width, and updated lower control arms with more accurate mounting for a more precise build every time.

The 10R5.1 now employs the wide three-point rear pod that has been optimized for brushless motors. The rear blue aluminum bulkheads are tied together with a carbon-fiber motor mount cross brace to gain further rear end rigidity and durability.

The backbone of the 10R5.1 consists of an ultra-rigid 2.5mm thick carbon-fiber chassis with integrated chassis-stiffening rails. The chassis-stiffening rails provide a centralized LiPo battery mounting position that fits R.O.A.R.-approved 3.7V and 7.4V LiPo battery packs and easily facilitates front-to-rear weight bias adjustments. The 10R5.1 also shares the rear suspension that has been proven on the 12R5.2.

The center shock uses the through-shaft design, giving equalized damping throughout the full stroke of the shock in both directions without any unwanted rebound. Roll is controlled with the new side damper tubes that offer smoother rear pod movement and easier maintenance. The 10R5.1 puts this all together for a rear end that hooks up and stays hooked up throughout the imperfections of the track surface, all making for faster lap times.

- I.F.M.A.R. World Championship-winning Dynamic Strut front suspension features symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width
- Updated motor mount and left rear bulkhead for increased durability
- A 3-point upper pod plate with graphite motor mount cross-brace, optimized for brushless motors
- Ultra-rigid 2.5mm thick carbon fiber chassis with integrated chassis stiffening rails featuring centralized LiPo battery mounting position that fits R.O.A.R.
-approved 3.7V LiPo battery packs
- Aluminum side spring retainers for easier and more accurate adjustments
- Innovative through-shaft center shock
- Side damper tubes reduce friction for smoother rear pod movement
- Pivot-ball rear pod design with hard-anodized aluminum pivot balls and updated rear pod links