quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012

HPI Sprint Falken Porsche

A HPI agora tem disponível mais uma opção de bolha de um carro da tradicional Falken. O modelo é o Porsche 911. Veja a seguir os features do carro. O preço deve ficar nas faixa dos 180 dólares.

- Replica Falken Azenis RT Slick Tires
- Replica BBS Racing Wheels
- TF-40 radio system with pistol grip transmitter and 2.4GHz operation for trouble free reception
- SC-15WP waterproof and reversible ESC for smooth and efficient motor control
- Nimble 4WD handling and easy to drive in all conditions
- Many existing Sprint 2 option parts bolt directly on to maximize performance
- Vertically adjustable front and rear camber links are easily adjustable to suit conditions and driving styles
- Adjustable shock positions to maximize suspension performance
- Sealed planetary gear differential for nearly zero maintenance and maximum reliability
- Strong alloy steel dog bones for simplicity and durability
- Ball bearings throughout the drive train for maximum speed and efficiency
- Turnbuckles used for each camber link and steering rod allow fine adjustment of the suspension geometry to suit your driving style and track conditions
- Silicone oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers
- 12mm wheel hex adapters used front and rear are compatible with all HPI 1/10th scale touring car wheels. Allows many different wheel and tire combinations to adapt to driving conditions and numerous styling options
- Adjustable height body mounts allow a variety of body styles to fit the chassis for a custom look
- Pre-painted body with decals pre-applied
- Foam bumper protects the car from potentially damaging impacts