quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012

Associated TC6.1 Worlds Car

Esta é a mais nova versão do touring da Associated, o TC6, a 6.1 Worlds Car, com mudanças mais visíveis na lincagem superior da suspensão.. O modelo é a terceira versão do carro que foi mostrado há dois anos. A seguir os features e mais imagens do carro.


- Ultra-narrow 2.25mm-thick carbon-fiber chassis
- Factory Team vertical ballstud bearing caps with carbon-fiber shock towers
- Suspension arms designed for increased stiffness and strength, as well as finer shock adjustments
- Hubs and caster blocks use integrated inserts for adjustable caster/toe angles
- H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system
- Lightweight rear gear diff for maximum performance and minimal maintenance
- Front spool with replaceable composite outdrives
- Offset arm mounts help increase durability and minimize shims between mount and bulkhead
- Ultra-narrow chassis layout optimized for LiPo batteries and brushless motors
- Symmetrical bulkhead layout minimizes spare part cost
- Multi-position steering system to fine-tune Ackermann steering rates
- VCS3 Shocks with hard-anodized threaded shock bodies
- Titanium turnbuckles with new ballcup eyelets for easy access to ball stud
- 16 precision ball bearings
- Cross-compatibility with TC6 chassis components

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