terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2009

CHassi Exotek para TC5 e LIPO

Interessante este chassis para TC5, especialmente feito para o uso de LIPO. Ele é mais balenceado e tem ajustes que permitem melhor distribuição de peso, veja os features:

- 3 side ways battery mounting positions.
- 2 front or back battery mounting positions.
- 2 piece battery weights insures the chassis cannot be tweaked.
- 100% American made quasi weave 2mm thick carbon fiber.
- Narrowed chassis (100mm wide) for less chassis scrub through corners for better corner speed.
- Includes special battery strapping tape tabs.
- Accepts 7.4 volt flat bottom cased lipos such as Thunder Power 5200, Orion Platinum Series or similar sized lipo batteries.
- Servo mounting is moved forward a few mm for extra room for other electronics.
- Extra cut outs in the rear to help generate more traction for rubber tires.
- Multi adjusting center battery rail to make sure your battery sits snugly in place