sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

Novo HPI True Ten

Dá uma olhada neste suspensão dianteira! Este é apenas um dos detalhes do novo chassis da HPI, nomeado Treu Ten. Ele tenta ser mais realista e menos pró que os outros de competição. Todos o carro conta com detalhes muito legais.

Cool scale features:
  • HPI ‘True Ten’ design – radio-control car models closer to scale than ever before!
  • Classic sports car and racer bodyshells that inspired generations of car fans
  • Moulded chrome details such as windscreen wipers, mirrors, bumpers, exhaust pipes and more.
  • Multiple width adjustments to fit huge range of future bodyshells:
    • Hub/upright inserts
    • Variable wheel hex adapters (0mm & 4mm)
    • Hex adapter inserts (1mm & 2mm)
    • Different offset wheels (0mm, 3mm, 6mm)
  • Huge variety of body post locations to suit many different shapes of bodyshells
  • Nearly infinite body post height adjustment to get perfect scale appearance
  • True Ten bodies from HPI will feature chrome accents such as mirrors, exhaust, bumpers, etc.
  • Any M-class body will fit (wheelbase 225mm or 210mm)
  • Inboard front shocks allow fitting of future low-profile bodies
  • Disc brake/rotor mounts (non-functional) for future cool upgrade
  • Fits standard RC electronics for easy component choices

Performance features:
  • Kit build – add your own electronics
  • Full-time 4WD for huge levels of grip
  • Upper and lower sturdy FRP chassis
  • Symmetrically mounted upper deck to eliminate tweak
  • Fits any 540-size motor, brushed or brushless
  • Translucent cover for spur & pinion gears
  • Cam-type motor mount for precise gear mesh
  • Aluminium motor mount construction for secure mounting & heat dissipation
  • Use any 48-pitch pinion gear
  • Super-smooth rear ball diff for fantastic cornering grip
  • Sealed front gear diff
  • Composite rear diff outdrives for low rotating weight
  • Oil-filled coil over shocks front and rear
  • Front inboard shocks eliminate unsprung weight
  • Standard front shock mounting possible for extra performance
  • Multiple shock locations and ride height settings
  • Laydown steering servo for low CG
  • Fits short servo in stand-up location to move weight inboard
  • Bellcrank steering for precise steering input
  • Universal dogbones front and rear (?)
  • Easily adjustable camber front and rear
  • Vertical camber link mounting for quick roll centre adjustment
  • Variable anti-dive and anti-squat adjustments
  • Race-style droop screws for tweak adjustment
  • Fast-adjust caster setting
  • Swing-out stick pack battery holder for fast changes
  • Li-Po, NiMH stick and side-by-side battery pack capability
  • Sway bar mounts front and rear for future upgradability
Durability features:
  • Thick FRP double-deck chassis is tough and strong
  • Fully enclosed shaft drive for total protection
  • Translucent spur/pinion gear cover keeps rocks out
  • Stainless steel hinge pins with anodized aluminium braces
  • Adjustable spring-loaded cam servo saver
  • Steel front diff outdrives for extra durability
  • Tough foam bumper secured between durable bumper mounts protects front end
  • Flexible body mounts help keep body in good shape
  • Rubber-sealed ball bearings for enhanced efficiency